TKA - Crash (Have Some Fun) (1990)

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TKA - Crash (Have Some Fun) lyrics

Crash here I go, watch the flash

Light as it shines, Bright in the Nite

Rhymes I recite, rhymes that you might

Like, maybe not, in fact I don't really care

So I just came here to get you hyped

I'm like fire, get your body filled with

Desire, start to dance!


All together-lets just party

All together-lets have some fun

Knocks me off my feet

Makes me want to get down

To the funky beat, to the funky sound

Crash-Sounds like thunder and lightning

Electricity fire, but exciting

That's the way it sounds To You

Now you Know what you gotta do

Step up, jump up, make a move

Just shake, check out this groove

It's a jam for the underground youth

So what'cha gonna do?


Crash-she don't need no introduction

The blonde bombshell of seduction

Crash - I'm breakin aint no mistakin

Which One of you is gonna move

As my body starts to groove

I know you're clockin, I feel you watchin

Now it's time for me To start stompin

Vanilla child is coming through

I'm Gonna show you what to do

As TKA drops rhymes with me

Well harmonize in ecstasy

But as you know it's not complete

Til a woman speaks her piece

But it's time for me to go, So yo!

Crash-that's our music

This is it, now it's time to use it

Move, groove, improve

We'll do you miss

And if you like it, you can do this dance

Now get on the floor and give yourself

A Chance thinkin about it?

No doubt about

You can dance

Have fun! that's what we say

When You're slammin with the T the K

And the A!