TKA - Crash (Have Some Fun) lyrics (Chinese translation). | Crash here I go, watch the flash
, Light as it shines, Bright in the Nite
, Rhymes I recite,...
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TKA - Crash (Have Some Fun) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Crash here I go, watch the flash
ZH: 崩溃在这里我走了,看着闪光灯

EN: Light as it shines, Bright in the Nite
ZH: 灯照,在夜晚明亮

EN: Rhymes I recite, rhymes that you might
ZH: 儿歌我背诵儿歌,你就会

EN: Like, maybe not, in fact I don't really care
ZH: 像,也许不,事实上我真的不在乎

EN: So I just came here to get you hyped
ZH: 所以我只是来这里帮你炒作

EN: I'm like fire, get your body filled with
ZH: 我就像火,让你的身体充满

EN: Desire, start to dance!
ZH: 渴望,开始跳舞 !

ZH: (合唱)

EN: All together-lets just party
ZH: 让所有在一起-我们只是一方

EN: All together-lets have some fun
ZH: 所有在一起让我们找点乐子

EN: Knocks me off my feet
ZH: 我敲了我的双脚

EN: Makes me want to get down
ZH: 让我想要下来

EN: To the funky beat, to the funky sound
ZH: 时髦的节拍,对时髦的声音

EN: Crash-Sounds like thunder and lightning
ZH: 崩溃-听起来像打雷和闪电

EN: Electricity fire, but exciting
ZH: 电火,但令人兴奋的

EN: That's the way it sounds To You
ZH: 这就是它听起来到你的方式

EN: Now you Know what you gotta do
ZH: 现在你知道你要做什么

EN: Step up, jump up, make a move
ZH: 加快,跳起来,使一招

EN: Just shake, check out this groove
ZH: 只是摇、 查阅此沟

EN: It's a jam for the underground youth
ZH: 它是堵了地下青年

EN: So what'cha gonna do?
ZH: 所以 what'cha 会怎么做?

ZH: (重复合唱)

EN: Crash-she don't need no introduction
ZH: 崩溃她不需要再来介绍

EN: The blonde bombshell of seduction
ZH: 金发碧眼的重磅炸弹的诱惑

EN: Crash - I'm breakin aint no mistakin
ZH: 崩溃-我是梦醒冒失没有 mistakin

EN: Which One of you is gonna move
ZH: 哪个你就要搬

EN: As my body starts to groove
ZH: 随着我的身体开始沟

EN: I know you're clockin, I feel you watchin
ZH: 我知道你是生物钟似乎,我感觉到你在看

EN: Now it's time for me To start stompin
ZH: 现在是时候,我开始嫁

EN: Vanilla child is coming through
ZH: 香草子来

EN: I'm Gonna show you what to do
ZH: 我要告诉你该做什么

EN: As TKA drops rhymes with me
ZH: 作为 TKA 滴眼液押韵和我一起

EN: Well harmonize in ecstasy
ZH: 很好协调的摇头丸

EN: But as you know it's not complete
ZH: 但你知道它是不完整

EN: Til a woman speaks her piece
ZH: 直到一个女人讲她的片断

EN: But it's time for me to go, So yo!
ZH: 但它是我的时候要走,所以哟 !

EN: Crash-that's our music
ZH: 崩溃-这就是我们的音乐

EN: This is it, now it's time to use it
ZH: 这是它,现在是时候使用它

EN: Move, groove, improve
ZH: 移动、 槽、 改善

EN: We'll do you miss
ZH: 我们会做你错过

EN: And if you like it, you can do this dance
ZH: 如果你喜欢它,你可以做这种舞蹈

EN: Now get on the floor and give yourself
ZH: 现在把在地板上,给自己

EN: A Chance thinkin about it?
ZH: 关于它的机会思考吗?

EN: No doubt about
ZH: 毫不怀疑

EN: You can dance
ZH: 你可以跳舞

EN: Have fun! that's what we say
ZH: 玩得愉快!这就是我们说些什么

EN: When You're slammin with the T the K
ZH: 当你是车门与 T K

EN: And the A!
ZH: 和 A!