TISM - Fatboy Slim Dusty lyrics

XTC's had a bad rap
The drug's okay
But the music's crap
Techno's made with computer cables
Sampling machines and old turntables
Get a loop then cut and paste
Buy a trip then lick the paper
There's new school, old school,
prep school too, The DJ's that nobody knew
but now they're known for doing what?
Ideas, Music, Melody Nope
They dont sing, they're not able
They put your song on a turn table

Techno is crap
Techno is crap
Techno is crap
...and so's Hip Hop

Jupiter's orbit is about as long
As your standard rave techno song
Bleep Bleep Blur, Repeat at will
Do scratchin crap and go until
Two hours later, Are the bleeps still there?
Change the reverb on the snare


Hip Hop buddy don't get me started
So how do you get yourself charted
Kids love this stuff cos it's all new
Put in a sample from a pop song too
You've got a hit now going gold
A melody and it's 30 years old

Techno is crap
Techno is crap
Techno is crap
...and so is Rock