TC Matic - Le Java lyrics

They're scared of your walk
They're scared of your talk
They're scared of your beat
They're scared if your show
Your emotions

Scared of what?
Scared of who?
Scared of that big thing freedom
Scared of fear
It can be fun
Mais je peu chanter
L'Ave Maria

On danse le java (2x)

I'm gonna do
What I like
What I feel
I'm gonna sing about the birds and the bees
Red socks and a black box

On danse le java (2x)

There would be you
There would be him
There would be her
Watching you
There'll be you watching him
His darkness could be her light

Kiss me quick
Alles ist slecht
Alles ist gut
Tanzen macht frei
Blumen und Rosen
Rozen voor Sandra
Kussen van Lola

On danse le java (2x)