T-Wayne - Hoes & Ladies (feat. Smoke) lyrics (Chinese translation). | [T-Pain & Smoke- Chorus]
, And you if give a f-ck that your firends stuck up
, and she don’t wanna...
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T-Wayne - Hoes & Ladies (feat. Smoke) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [T-Pain & Smoke- Chorus]
ZH: [T 疼痛 & 烟-合唱]

EN: And you if give a f-ck that your firends stuck up
ZH: 你如果给你的朋友被困的 f ck

EN: and she don’t wanna mess up her hair
ZH: 她不想把她的头发弄乱

EN: and if you wanna f-ck, like I wanna f-ck
ZH: 如果你想向 f-ck,就像我想要到 f-ck

EN: put your muthaf-cking hands in the air
ZH: 世上华君把手放在空气中

EN: I’m on 5 hour energy, Nuvo and Hennessy
ZH: 我在 5 小时内的能量,nuvo 公司和轩尼诗

EN: so what you wanna do little baby
ZH: 所以你想做的小宝宝

EN: now all my ladies in the house say hoe
ZH: 现在我在房子里的所有姑娘都说锄头

EN: and all my hoes in the house say lady
ZH: 和我在房子里的所有锄头都说夫人

EN: [T-Pizzle]
ZH: [T-鞭王]

EN: I’m so considerate
ZH: 我是如此体贴

EN: I never quit a bitch, noooo
ZH: 我从来没有退出娘不

EN: no matter how many n-ggas hit
ZH: 无论多少 n-藤黄总酸打

EN: or how many d-ck she licked
ZH: 或多少 d-ck 她舔了舔

EN: I please that clitoris
ZH: 我请那阴蒂

EN: I give her a kiss and shit
ZH: 我给她一个吻和狗屎

EN: when other n-ggas don’t stay long enough they
ZH: 当其他 n-藤黄总酸不呆足够长的时间他们

EN: get the digits and split
ZH: 得到位数和拆分

EN: if aint nobody telling you that you are pretty
ZH: 如果不是没人告诉你,你很漂亮

EN: thats just because you are and they do not want to admit it
ZH: 那只是因为你和他们不想承认它

EN: look at all that ass, you aint got to have titties
ZH: 看看所有的屁股,你不是得有乳房

EN: at least you part of the itty bitty committee really?
ZH: 至少你第一部分的青苔委员会真的吗?

EN: you gon let em style on you
ZH: 你尼泊尔政府让你 em 样式

EN: or you can let em talk
ZH: 或者你可以让 em 说话

EN: hop up in this Lamborghini baby go on let em walk
ZH: 在此兰博基尼的孩子去让的 em 步行跳到上面

EN: stop hanging round them stupid bitches you’d be better off
ZH: 停止挂圆他们愚蠢的婊子你会更好

EN: them hoes dirty birds, Atlanta Hawks
ZH: 他们锄头脏鸟,亚特兰大鹰

EN: go on wear them granny draws
ZH: 去穿上他们的奶奶绘制

EN: matter of fact go put that dress on and dont wear any draws and come sit on Santa Claus
ZH: 重要的事实去把那件衣服穿任何绘制和不来坐在圣诞老人

EN: we can take some pictures with the islands in the back drop
ZH: 我们可以采取一些图片与在后面的下拉菜单中群岛

EN: we can go to PC but you’ll still be my laptop
ZH: 我们可以去 PC,但你仍然是我的笔记本电脑

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: [Lil Wayne]
ZH: [Lil 韦恩]

EN: Kiss her on the thigh make her p-ssy hole cry
ZH: 吻她的大腿让她 p 啬孔哭

EN: they say numbers dont lie, lets try 69
ZH: 他们说的数字不说谎,让我们试 69

EN: kiss her on her lips let her p-ssy hole drip
ZH: 吻她她的嘴唇让她 p 啬孔滴

EN: she cant even walk to the bathroom she gotta skip
ZH: 她甚至不能走到她要跳过的浴室

EN: kiss her on her cheek, make her p-ssy lips speak
ZH: 在她的面颊上吻她,使她说话的 p 啬嘴唇

EN: no she pulling on my locks, kiss thou Sheek, ha
ZH: 没有她拉上我的锁,吻你小齐,医管局

EN: kiss her on her breasts, east and west
ZH: 在她的乳房、 东和西上吻她

EN: and then I go south
ZH: 然后我去南

EN: and clean up my mess
ZH: 和我的烂摊子

EN: no stop signs, no red lights
ZH: 没有停止的迹象,红色指示灯都不亮

EN: she put on a show, no stage fright
ZH: 她穿上显示,不怯场

EN: and then I f-ck her right
ZH: 然后我 f ck 她的权利

EN: and she say f-cking right
ZH: 她说 f 华君右

EN: she climb on top that mountain
ZH: 她爬上那座山

EN: and ride that mountain bike
ZH: 骑着那辆山地车

EN: she keep it nice and wet like Armour All
ZH: 她保持好和湿像盔甲所有

EN: she keep a close shave like barber sole
ZH: 她保持像理发刮唯一

EN: but all in all she’s just Weezy baby
ZH: 但她所有的一切都是只 Weezy 婴儿