T.W.D.Y. - Got Ta Hustle lyrics

(Intro: MC Ren Talking)
Yo, check this out niggaz
some more motherfuckin West coast shit, nigga
from L.A. to "The Whole Damn Yay," it's going down nigga
Ooooooh.... shit
MC Ren up in this motherfucker man
you know how we do nigga
we do what the fuck we wanna do, on the West coast nigga
The best coast nigga, or the.
I mean, this is not the typical, you knowhat I'm sayin
so what the fuck we gonna do Ren...
call me nigga Banks nigga
put this shit down your punk ass like this..

(Verse 1: Ant Banks)
now here's Eastcoast to the West coast
for all the ryhmers and timers, pimps and grinders
crimers and jest doughs
go and put they mack down all in the streets
and the, two boss players is rollin for keys
but it's ships outta notes
no hustle-Ass-Niggaz actin like hoes "like hoes"
shit's got to foes
and you're blinded, nigga what don't get dummy
you better cline, you're acting like you scare of money
I can show you how to stack ships
and get your ass shown don't fuckin with this scrap shit "that's right"
put brain to the game, you put your G's first
steady trippin with the next nigger got it on
it get worse.......

(Verse 2: MC Ren)
you wanna wait for 'Ren, I hustle busy hatin with your hoe
you're playin the villain functions, my shit ain't not a haste roe
you're thinkin you suppose to have the status I got
legendary, you're not
how many fuckin years you got sittin around on your ass
while the Villain be grinded, criminal minded
gettin that cheese, nigga please, I'ma squeeze
hold my nuts
Ruthless self don't give a fuck about somebody else
you got to hustle nigga....

get your hustle baby
are all you live to grind, you make your body hustle baby "that's right"
can't comprehend what here we in road, you got to hustle baby
I swear I spread mob, everybody hustles baby "feel me"
no need that lies spoke y'all "come on"
(*Phone ring sound*)
I'm just a player roll with the real ones "with the real ones"
It's all about the paper chase "the paper chase"
with the money and things to have thangs
I bought the big Thanks "Big Thanks"
with the niggaz that don't be makin them fade

(Verse 3: Dollar Bill)
nigga what you thought I'ma grind till I get caught
every thang I bought and every thang I stacked in the boat
came for me at soldier the streets
50 grand pair shoes in my feet
discriminate how I eat and feel your body temperature heat
niggaz standin in and out the real and quick to stack
everything I mean at night is pussy and count
Dollar Bill is gettin paper, niggaz mate without a pager
I guess it's in your nature, there's a God mager "uhh"
I can't be side track from gettin scratch
don't be fool bout the wrap I still roll the sack
don't be a L.G. cause wall D sell 'em corm
where I'm from, every body gets the hustle on........


(Verse 4: Ant Banks)
gold niggers wanna ride on bozack
cause we sell out shows
and yell out flows just to tell our hoes
the rainbows back with that pimp mentality "yeah"
pure bread age when you raised in Cali'......

(Verse 5: MC Ren)
nigga it's all on my back, they got they noses on my sack
lookin for bitches and a free act
D.J. gotta contract, nigga with the 'Bill
to put your hands on my sckrill, my dick is your free peal
get up off your ass and get it
don't be lookin for the Villain to get it
my black ass won't spit it
call me nigga Banks my nigga "that's right"
from the Bay, be fuckin you like trey
cause we're hustlin' all day....


shake it all you busters makin Sckrill this is how we do it "that's right"
shake it all you haters makin Sckrill this is how we do it "that's right"
shake it all you busters makin Sckrill this is how we do it.
shake it all you niggaz makin Sckrill this is how we do it.

(Outro: Ant Banks)
How we do it, I mean this is how we do it for the wild to the Yay baby
all motherfuckin day, y'all know, this is not the feelin
all right, MC-motherfuckin-Ren The villain
Dollar Bill, the money makin ass motherfucker from the town
all right, hey you nigga, the Big-Bad-Azz and me, Bitch!