T. Rex - Wind Cheetah lyrics (Italian translation). | Her with moon trodden plow
, Herds of African cows
, Grazed on her beauty
, Fragrant and pale.
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T. Rex - Wind Cheetah (Italian translation) lyrics

EN: Her with moon trodden plow
IT: Lei con aratro luna calpestata

EN: Herds of African cows
IT: Mandrie di mucche africane

EN: Grazed on her beauty
IT: Pascolavano sulla sua bellezza

EN: Fragrant and pale.
IT: Fragrante e pallido.

EN: Young once youthful still now
IT: Giovane ancora una volta giovanile ora

EN: Muse to the willow and ploughed
IT: Musa a salice e arato

EN: Fields arched with orchards
IT: Campi arcuate con frutteti

EN: Blooms of the stars.
IT: Fioriture delle stelle.

EN: Day whipped his black dray
IT: Giorno montata suo dray nero

EN: Opaque orphan of Ring
IT: Opaco orfano di anello

EN: Myrrh coated rider
IT: Cavaliere rivestito di mirra

EN: Guider husband to Matron the King
IT: Marito guider a matrona re

EN: Streams of yellowy mud
IT: Flussi di fango giallastro

EN: Run to the one that I love
IT: Eseguire a quello che amo

EN: Chained to the chalky
IT: Incatenato alla gessoso

EN: Chalice of night.
IT: Calice di notte.