T.J. Miller - Battle Of The Century, Part IV lyrics

Brandon Johnson
Ladies and gentlemen, put on your special underwear
Imagine three black swans in a gaggle
Way before Natalie Portman, y'all
It's Ugly Duckling!
Straight from Long Beach, they old school y'all
I don't know how we got 'em to get on this album
Way too good to be on this track..
T.J. Is somebody in yo' family sick?

(Battle, battle, battle, battle..)

Ugly Duckling
T.J. Miller
Alright T.J. If we must battle, we must..
What's up, T.J., J.T..
It's T.J.
Whatever it is they call you
Yeah, that's fine, whatever.

You're unaware that the public doesn't care about you
But you hired a bodyguard that's got nothing to do
He must protect you from gettin' a good script
'Cause you've had some bombs, it's like you on the Gaza Strip

And now you wanna go and try your media hand at battlin'
But you can't hear the beat, you rap like Marlee Matlin
Better to be speechless that speak up and be this
Now squeeze your lips and keep clingin' to this D-list

J.T. you got it backwards, you're an actor gone rapper
Stick with what you're good at and capture the laughter
It's obvious to me that you should stick to comedy
Don't listen to your entourage, they're make believeat

You wanna M.C., you ain't got what it takes
Go back to Colorado, Cali's not your state
I saw you in Superbad, you're a star
That wasn't me. I don't know who you are

Yo... yo... um..
You know, this competition is about, it's really
The best man winning, and you guys have clearly bested me
So, thank you guys so much for coming, it was a lot of fun

I forfeit, heh. ..I surrender, uh, call me France

But it was really good, so how did you guys write that stuff?
Just, think of it all at once, or you freestyling, or..
What kind of stuff do you do?

Okay, oh. No, alright. Yeah, we'll talk about it later.
We can talk about it later. It's alright, I mean, I know.
You probably- you just finished battling so you wanna..
Go outside and have a cigarette or something.. I get it..
Hey, I get it! .. I know what it's like. .. Rappin'

Yo, being with them, for me, that was an eyeful
Ugly Duckling, my hip-hop idols

Heh.. Maybe I'll email that to them.

(Cold ham in the morning!)