T.I. - Whatcha Sayin' Tip? (2010)

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T.I. - Whatcha Sayin' Tip? lyrics

Verse 1
I aint in the mood betta move gotta real short fuse and a bad attitude get outta line you know what im fittna do to ya dude act a muhfuckin fool betta not get it misconstrued
Whatcha sayin Tip?
All the guns they can have imma stab me a nigga think im playin wit ya muhfuckin ass last nigga got stuck think the next one getta pass getcha issue in a flash imma goon and a half
Whatcha sayin Tip?
You dont wanna see me on ya corner on a mission leave ya sour like the lime in my corona all alone though wit a big crew nigga i'll getcha fucked up gotta problem wit me nigga wats up
Whatcha sayin Tip?
Big money leave a nigga slumpin over steering wheels heard about the nigga here it is yea center here at bankhead bankrolls see the ave drama they can have i just wanna see ya bad