T.I. - I'm Back lyrics (Chinese translation). | [T.I - Chorus]
, I never let you down I’ma shine on sight
, keep your mind on your grind and off...
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T.I. - I'm Back (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [T.I - Chorus]
ZH: [T.I-合唱]

EN: I never let you down I’ma shine on sight
ZH: 我从来没有让你失望我要照耀着的视线

EN: keep your mind on your grind and off mine alright
ZH: 好吧你磨和关闭矿井保持你的心

EN: hard Imma ball on them squares I float
ZH: 对他们我浮的正方形硬的凋谢球

EN: quarter million dollar cars everywhere I go
ZH: 季万港元车无处不在

EN: I know in the lead it may see it might be
ZH: 我知道铅中它可能会看到它可能是

EN: but no matter what they doing they don’t do it like me
ZH: 但无论他们做什么他们不是像我一样

EN: like a G I hold it down for the town I’m at
ZH: 像 G 按住它为我在镇

EN: in a flash like that
ZH: 在 flash 中像这样

EN: recognise I’M BACK!
ZH: 认识到我回来了 !

EN: Strike a match catch a fire
ZH: 罢工匹配捉住火

EN: [Verse 1]
ZH: [第 1 节]

EN: any moment I decide thats enough of all your lies
ZH: 任何时刻我决定那是足够你所有的谎言

EN: noy your buzz just died
ZH: 诺伊看来您 buzz 刚刚去世

EN: step inside super fly to the shoes in their coupe
ZH: 走进超级飞到其 coupe 的鞋子

EN: then exit out with all the b-tches like we always do
ZH: 像我们总是做出来然后所有 b tches 退出

EN: my desire to retire grow with every new crew
ZH: 我想退休的愿望随着每个新船员

EN: cause these guys just don’t ride like mi n-gga you too
ZH: 因为这些家伙只是不要乘坐 mi n-gga 像你太

EN: tight jeans, funny hair, cuz dancing on the screen
ZH: 紧身牛仔裤,滑稽的头发,因为在屏幕上跳舞

EN: it’s about the real n-ggas in the game so it seems
ZH: 这样看起来是在游戏中真正的 n 藤黄总酸

EN: just pretending holla pimpin get a sh-t a black eye eye
ZH: 只假装打个电话问潘潘 get sh-t 一眼睛黑黑的眼睛

EN: next he say he trapping in my head I’m like why
ZH: 他说他在我的头我就像为什么陷印是下一步

EN: be yourself, you aint got a pimp bone in ya body
ZH: 做你自己,你没趣的皮条客骨在雅安的身体

EN: I can tell ya aint never bought a key or caught a body
ZH: 我可以告诉你不是从未买过一个键或者抓到的身体

EN: n-gga probably just seen Wayne, Gucci Mane, Me and Boosie all go to prison
ZH: n gga 可能只是看到韦恩,Gucci 的鬃毛,我和 Boosie 都去监狱

EN: and they flip their whole image n-gga tripping
ZH: 和他们翻转其整个图像 n gga 跳闸

EN: listen, do for you that aint in the cars
ZH: 听着,为你做那不是在汽车

EN: think the power is in your gun but over all it’s in your heart
ZH: 认为权力是在你的枪,但过去都是在你的心

EN: nowadays I don’t know wassup with n-ggas in the A
ZH: 现在我不知道 a n-藤黄总酸是什么

EN: guess he think he in the game but he really in the way
ZH: 想他想他的游戏,但他真正的方式

EN: violating, I was having conversations in the joint
ZH: 侵犯,有在联合中的对话

EN: but guess who done it and I promised I would put you on point
ZH: 猜猜谁做,但它和我答应我会把你放点

EN: I’m disappointed in you dog you aint hold it down at all
ZH: 我对你的狗你不是在所有按住它失望

EN: but I aint going in your jaw just gon show ya how to ball
ZH: 但我不会在你的下巴只是 gon 显示雅如何球

EN: standin tall thru the storm on the yard or in the dorm
ZH: 沈默穿越风暴在院子里或在宿舍里

EN: cats in prison who expecting me to represent for em
ZH: 猫在监狱谁想到我会代表为 em

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: Catch a fire see T.I add gas
ZH: 抓住火见 T.I 添加气体

EN: whats a molotov cocktail to never break a glass
ZH: 莫洛托夫鸡尾酒从来没有打破玻璃是什么

EN: scary ass n-gga wanna come for me you better bring it
ZH: 可怕的屁股 n-gga 想要来找我你最好带上它

EN: I ain’t mad I forgive em, God I know they aint mean it
ZH: 我不是生气我原谅 em,上帝我知道他们是不是认真的

EN: yeah I seen it all before, hey, I’m popping and they ain’t
ZH: 看这一切之前,嘿,我会来和他们不是说

EN: rack they brain try to think how to stop it and they can’t
ZH: 机架他们脑想一想如何停止它,他们不能

EN: ain’t that lame but then that hatred manifest to pure malice
ZH: 不是跛脚但然后,仇恨清单到纯恶意

EN: I’m no longer being callous so I’m gon let you n-ggas have it
ZH: 我不再被冷酷无情的所以我尼泊尔政府让你 n-藤黄总酸有它

EN: won’t be satifsied till somebody dies and Im patient
ZH: 模具和 Im 的病人不会直到有人 satifsied

EN: waiting know me and the reaper on a first name basis now
ZH: 等待现在知道我和死神在第一名的基础上

EN: I’mma let you make it now, stay totally out the way for you
ZH: 我来让你做现在,待完全 out 方式为你

EN: but know that we can take it any place you wanna take it to
ZH: 但知道我们可以拿任何你想要它到的地方

EN: hating in your blood, cuz, guess it’s just too late for you
ZH: 在你的血液,因为,猜猜它是只是太晚了,你恨

EN: all I could do is pray for you or organise a wake for you
ZH: 我能做的只是为你祈祷或为您举办唤醒

EN: your choice, clearly I aint hearing your voice
ZH: 您的选择,显然我不是听到你的声音

EN: keep it up and I’m gon send your ass to deal with Aunt Joys
ZH: 把它和我是尼泊尔政府保持发送你的屁股来处理姑妈的快乐

EN: hey, you can have the bottle partner Im gon bring the sky box
ZH: 嘿,你可有带天空框中,瓶合作伙伴 Im 尼泊尔

EN: I got sh-t locked down n-gga why stop now
ZH: 我有 sh-t 锁定 n gga 为什么停止现在

EN: Im so above you hover over suckers why drop down
ZH: Im 所以上面悬停吸盘为什么下拉列表

EN: I’m so profound its goes down and I never let you down…
ZH: 我是如此深刻其往下的,我不让你失望......

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: [End]
ZH: [完]