T.I. - Here We Go Again lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Timbaland talking:]
, Tip, Tip, Tip, it's Timbo.
, I mean what this I hear.. you doin a mixtape..
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T.I. - Here We Go Again (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Timbaland talking:]
ZH: [无法嵌入在说:]

EN: Tip, Tip, Tip, it's Timbo.
ZH: 提示,提示,提示,它是 Timbo。

EN: I mean what this I hear.. you doin a mixtape..
ZH: 我的意思是这是我听到什么...你在这干重新翻录...

EN: my nigga but if you gon do it remember that ?track? we started on?
ZH: 我黑鬼如果你尼泊尔政府去做,但还记得吗? 跟踪吗?我们开始吗?

EN: You, you, you go ahead and put that on there.
ZH: 你,你,你去吧,把那个放在那里。

EN: Sez you wanna do a damn mixtape.. you put that on there.
ZH: 你想要做那该死的重新翻录的经济特区...你把那里。

EN: Timbo to ?Kizznick?
ZH: 到 Timbo 吗?Kizznick 吗?

EN: [Chorus:]
ZH: [合唱:]

EN: (Hey!) Yeah here we go again (here we go),
ZH: (嘿!)是的在这里我们再去 (在这里我们去),

EN: I know they hate to see us walkin through the door again (door like) (hide your hoes nigga) [x2]
ZH: 我知道他们不愿看到我们走通过门再次 (像) (隐藏您锄头黑鬼) [x 2]

EN: We got your hoe bitch rockin, everybody just jockin,
ZH: 我们有你的锄头婊子摇滚,每个人都只是 jockin,

EN: niggas know they can't stop it so they stand round watchin and shit.
ZH: 黑鬼知道他们不能阻止它所以他们站圆看和狗屎。

EN: Your bitch she watchin me too, hey you can't stop her from choosing -
ZH: 她也看着我,嘿你不能阻止她选择-你婊子

EN: I'm way hotter than you, I'm way hotter than you.
ZH: 我比你更性感,我比你更性感。

EN: [Verse 1:]
ZH: [第 1 节经文:]

EN: Hey, Tip and Timbaland back up on they shit again got your bitch attention cos' I'm cooler than a ceiling fan.
ZH: 嘿,提示和盼望备份上他们屎再有你的婊子注意 cos 的我比在天花板的吊扇凉快。

EN: Hey listen man respect my G and I can be a gentleman, or else know all I have before and shit for me to get again.
ZH: 嘿听着男人的尊重我 G 和我可以是一位绅士,否则知道所有有之前为我又想拉屎。

EN: Different day and maxed out, creepin up on ?s-got?.
ZH: 不同天和透支,悄悄地? s 了吗?。

EN: Theres gon be trouble if I get hot so try me boy, you best not.
ZH: 还有尼泊尔政府是麻烦如果我们拿热所以尝试我的男孩,你最好也不。

EN: Just part of my ?spottem?, ask whats happenin' theres a problem?
ZH: 只是一部分的我吗? spottem?,问什么是常有问题吗?

EN: They say I can't have no pistols but them blades I got em'.
ZH: 他们说我不能没有手枪但他们刀片有 em'。

EN: Catch em necktight colombian for stuntin like a dummy when confronted wit a ?gun and men?
ZH: 抓住 em necktight 哥伦比亚为 stuntin 像假时面临的机智? 枪和男子吗?

EN: Excuse me come again?
ZH: 我再来的借口吗?

EN: I thought not better turn around and get to walkin out before this shit get ugly have you and your buddy chalked out like yeah, yeah...
ZH: 我还以为不好掉头和去走之前这狗屎 get 丑有您和您的好友用粉笔勾画了像是,是......

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: [Verse 2:]
ZH: [第 2 节:]

EN: Hey get your mind right. Stay up out my limelight before I have to do it for ya bro now what that sound like?
ZH: 嘿好主意。呆我聚光灯下的了之前我要为你做兄弟, 现在什么那声音像吗?

EN: No threats just promises, better use your common sense or face the consequences, repercussions and the punishments.
ZH: 没有威胁只是作出承诺,更好地使用你的常识,或面对后果、 造成的影响和处罚。

EN: Hey evidently you forgot you dealing wit a parliament, king like Solomon and forces zero tolerance
ZH: 嘿很明显你忘了你处理一个议会,像所罗门王的智慧和力量零容忍

EN: but disrespect or go against the G-code flex and jack consider this your warning.
ZH: 但不尊重或反对 G 代码 flex 和杰克去考虑这你的警告。

EN: Dare a god to learn a lesson, kick the ?messit? when I'm in the club stay up out my section.
ZH: 敢说上帝会汲取教训,踢? messit?我在俱乐部的时候呆了我的部分。

EN: If you're lookin for your chick well you'll more likely get ejected specially if she half naked and she choosin on the crew.
ZH: 如果是找你很好你会更有可能得到弹出特别是如果你小妞,她半裸着,她向船员们聚升。

EN: Grand Hustle in the building, nigga you know what it do like, like yeah...
ZH: 盛大喧嚣在大厦,黑鬼,你知道它喜欢什么,像是...

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: [Verse 3:]
ZH: [第 3 节:]

EN: We hit the dough bullet swag, wonderin where the pussy at.
ZH: 我们打的面团子弹赃物,远方的位置在阴部。

EN: Me and the bitches wonder bro, what happen, what ya lookin at?
ZH: 我和母狗不知道大哥,发生什么事,什么震遐在凝视?

EN: You better change your eyeline fo' we get it crackin holme fed case or not PNC we about that action.
ZH: 你最好改变你目力所及火炭 ' 我们把它裂缝霍姆美联储案例或不 PNC 我们有关这项行动。

EN: Hi-it the dough bullet swag wonderin where the pussy at,
ZH: 喜-it 面团子弹赃物做地方,猫

EN: me and the bitches bro, what happen, what ya lookin' at?
ZH: 我和母狗兄弟,发生什么事,你都在看吗?

EN: You better change your eyeline fo' we get it crackin holme fed case or not PNC we about that action flashin like, like yeah.
ZH: 你最好改变你目力所及火炭 ' 我们拿到众生依恋霍姆美联储案例或不 PNC 我们关于该行动闪烁就像是。

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]