T.I. - Hear Ye Hear Ye (feat. Pharrell) lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Verse 1 - Pharrell]
, There's a rainbow everywhere
, Dependin on where you stand
, Whether the...
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T.I. - Hear Ye Hear Ye (feat. Pharrell) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Verse 1 - Pharrell]
ZH: [诗歌 1-Pharrell]

EN: There's a rainbow everywhere
ZH: 有彩虹到处

EN: Dependin on where you stand
ZH: Dependin 对你的立场

EN: Whether the dashboard ?
ZH: 是否仪表板?

EN: Or the walls 100 grand each
ZH: 或每个墙 100 大

EN: Double R, interior tan, outside is peach
ZH: 双 R、 内部棕褐色,外面是桃

EN: Oh you trying to make a deal out in golden beach?
ZH: 哦你想做生意出在金色的沙滩吗?

EN: Or the Florida Keys ducking the Florida Dees
ZH: 或在佛罗里达回避佛罗里达州迪斯

EN: But you only end up with bricks and sand
ZH: 但你最终只与砖和砂

EN: I know niggas that run from they shadows like Peter Pan
ZH: 从运行他们阴影的黑人喜欢彼得 · 潘

EN: Runnin like its a Nike commercial but he the man
ZH: 前进,像是耐克广告,但他这个人

EN: What he don’t like on sight he murk like he's the Klan
ZH: 他不喜欢的上看见他像他是柯南的黑暗

EN: Eight balls the size of baseballs like Jeter’s hand
ZH: 八个彩球杰特的手像棒球的大小

EN: It fecal fam - yea it’s the shit
ZH: 它粪便 fam-不是屎

EN: Zip your face up when skateboard is on the script
ZH: 邮编脸上滑板时,脚本

EN: Catch me in the Gap V with some BBC trunks
ZH: 抓到我在与一些英国广播公司树干的差距 V

EN: Flip flops sippin on Qream like it's punch
ZH: 像它的拳身在 Qream 拖鞋

EN: I push the spaceship with the chrome lady in the front
ZH: 我在前面的 chrome 女士推太空飞船

EN: Bendin over like she just puffed Busta’s blunt
ZH: 她只是像在 bendin 膨化 Busta 的钝器

EN: I told y’all motherfuckas once, I think I’m hungry
ZH: 我告诉你们的拾一次,我觉得我肚子饿了

EN: Finna eat yall niggas' lunch
ZH: 将由我吃馀鬼午餐

EN: Yall niggas cunts, I’m from the commonwealth
ZH: 馀黑鬼佬,我是从英联邦

EN: Where wealth ain't common
ZH: 财富不是共同

EN: When niggas roll around with
ZH: 当黑鬼打滚与

EN: Chrome solvers looking for problems
ZH: 寻找问题的 chrome 求解器

EN: Mouth full of gold, flame when they roll
ZH: 嘴里满满的金子,当他们翻滚的火焰

EN: Arthritic fingers: niggas bang when they stroll
ZH: 关节炎的手指: 黑鬼邦当他们漫步

EN: Tradin in the hats for the cane and the gold
ZH: 在甘蔗和金帽子物资有限公司

EN: The golds for the chain and the cane was on swole
ZH: 链和藤条金牌是在吃上

EN: Ayo Tip get these peon niggas told
ZH: 青年提示获取告诉这些民工黑鬼

EN: [Verse 2 - T.I]
ZH: [诗歌 2-T.I]

EN: Still stand tall when it all falls down
ZH: 这一切落下仍然站高

EN: Whether Hollywood hills or a 1 horse town
ZH: 是否好莱坞山或 1 匹马的城市

EN: You should know better
ZH: 你应该知道更好

EN: There’s no better than these 4 letters
ZH: 没有比这四个字母

EN: Mo' than ever niggas want me dead
ZH: Mo' 比过黑鬼想让我死了

EN: Cause they're starving and I’m getting fed
ZH: 他们饿的原因和我够了

EN: But fuck em anyway
ZH: 但反正操 em

EN: I’d rather be me on my worst day
ZH: 我愿意是我在我最糟糕的一天

EN: Than to be a sucker nigga on his birthday
ZH: 比做一个抽油黑鬼在他生日那天

EN: All cake no candles, just a living example
ZH: 所有蛋糕没有蜡烛,只是一个活生生的例子

EN: 10 toes down all out no sandals
ZH: 10 个脚趾下所有出没有凉鞋

EN: Godfather, a young Marlon Brando
ZH: 年轻的马龙 · 白兰度的教父

EN: Let me make sure they understand yo
ZH: 让我确认他们理解哟

EN: Hear ye, here ye, you wise you fear me
ZH: 在这里听到叶,叶,你聪明你怕我

EN: Real niggas on their shine, much obliged, merci!
ZH: 真正爱你对它们的光芒,更有责任,谢谢 !

EN: Everybody want to criticize him about how bad he ended up
ZH: 每个人都想要批评他多么渴望他结束

EN: Look how bad he could've been
ZH: 看起来他可能是多么糟糕

EN: I could've caught a body sold a brick to somebody
ZH: 差点把砖卖给别人的身体

EN: Who volunteered my information to the federales
ZH: 谁自愿我向联邦部队的信息

EN: I made it out of all of that like I ain't gonna be proud of that
ZH: 我让它所有的像我不会骄傲的

EN: So petty shit, you sticking to me
ZH: 所以小屎,你贴在身上

EN: Give me all you got of that
ZH: 给我的你的一切

EN: Doing this for all my niggas
ZH: 为著我做这

EN: Who about to go to prison and let a nigga kill them
ZH: 谁要去监狱让一个黑鬼,杀了他们

EN: So we leaving this PO snub nose in his denim
ZH: 所以我们离开这蒲冷落他牛仔布的鼻子

EN: Trap or death is waiting
ZH: 陷阱或死亡等待

EN: Round the corners that he been in
ZH: 圆角,他一直在

EN: On bended knee, God forgive us, we’ve been sinnin
ZH: 上单膝跪地,上帝饶恕我们吧,我们已经被 sinnin

EN: In our defense, look at the options we’ve been given
ZH: 在我们的防御,看看我们已经被给定的选项

EN: Laying in the prison cell staring at the ceiling
ZH: 铺设在监狱牢房盯着天花板

EN: Back in this bitch again
ZH: 在这个婊子再回来

EN: I guess they werent bullshitting huh?
ZH: 我猜他们不胡扯吧吗?

EN: Still wonder where it all went wrong
ZH: 还不知道这一切哪里错了

EN: Since Phil got killed I ain't never moved on
ZH: 因为菲尔被杀了我不是永远不搬

EN: Like I’m still in the club where the blows got thrown
ZH: 我像仍在哪里吹得引发的俱乐部

EN: When my crown fell down and I got dethroned
ZH: 当我的皇冠摔下来,我有被废黜

EN: Bunch of niggas around but I feel all alone
ZH: 一群周围的黑人,但感觉孤独

EN: Like a piece of me is missing, guess it never came home
ZH: 像一块我是失踪,猜猜它从来没有来了首页

EN: Probably died in a van when it all hit the fan
ZH: 所有撞到风扇的时候很可能死在一辆面包车

EN: Save the life of a friend
ZH: 保存的一位朋友的生活

EN: We don’t all get the chance
ZH: 我们不要有机会

EN: Now here I stand with blood on my hands
ZH: 在这里站在我的血液在我的手上

EN: Tryin hard to explain so his mom understand
ZH: 努力试着解释所以他妈妈理解

EN: I'm at fault for the loss of the soul of a man
ZH: 我在故障损失的人的灵魂

EN: Only soldiers know how that’ll take a toll on a man
ZH: 只有士兵知道如何,会夺去一个人

EN: Burden of the World on my shoulders: heavy
ZH: 世界在我肩上的负担: 重

EN: Visibly composed, my emotions buried
ZH: 明显地组成,我的情绪被埋

EN: Scary, so if I pop a pill
ZH: 可怕的所以如果我一片药

EN: Smoke a blunt or take a shot
ZH: 烟钝器或采取一枪

EN: Ya’ll let a niggga live
ZH: 你会让生活 niggga

EN: Still baffled how my life unravelled
ZH: 仍然困扰着我的生活是如何揭露

EN: In the meantime time just travelled
ZH: 在此期间的时间只被旅行

EN: Can’t see behind the walls of my castle
ZH: 在我的城堡的墙壁后面看不到

EN: Opinionated peons son but who asked you
ZH: 自以为是苦力的儿子,但谁叫你

EN: I tell you what you do
ZH: 我告诉你你做什么

EN: Take your 2 cents
ZH: 带你 2 美分

EN: Kick rocks to a fountain pitching to make a wish
ZH: 踢到俯仰许愿喷泉的岩石

EN: Shit, if wishes had wings, they’d all make it to heaven
ZH: 妈的如果愿望有翅膀,他们将所有能进天堂

EN: And we’d all be kings
ZH: 我们将国王