T.I. - Got Your Back (feat. Keri Hilson) lyrics (Chinese translation). | [T.I. Intro]
, [Chorus: Keri Hilson & T.I.]
, I got your back boy
, We were high
, We were low
, but...
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T.I. - Got Your Back (feat. Keri Hilson) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [T.I. Intro]
ZH: [T.I.简介]

EN: [Chorus: Keri Hilson & T.I.]
ZH: [合唱: 凯莉 · & T.I.]

EN: I got your back boy
ZH: 我有你背的男孩

EN: We were high
ZH: 我们是高

EN: We were low
ZH: 我们在低

EN: but I promise I will never let you go
ZH: 但我保证我不会让你走

EN: said I got I got I got I got your back boy
ZH: 说: 我有我有我有我有你背的男孩

EN: I got I got I got I got your back boy
ZH: 我有我有我有我有你背的男孩

EN: (I know you got my back right)
ZH: (我知道你有了我的背对)

EN: keep my swagger
ZH: 保持我斯瓦格

EN: keep it looking good for ya
ZH: 让它看起来很好的吗

EN: keep it looking hood for ya
ZH: 保持它寻找雅敞篷

EN: shawty if you don’t know
ZH: 如果您不知道不错但决比不上

EN: I got I got I got I got your back boy
ZH: 我有我有我有我有你背的男孩

EN: [T.I. Verse 1]
ZH: [T.I.第 1 节]

EN: Hey it’s whatever shawty
ZH: 嘿,这是无论不错但决比不上

EN: you aint gotta ask
ZH: 你不是想问问

EN: yes Valentino blouses, summer houses, cash, check!
ZH: 是华伦天奴衬衫、 夏天之家、 现金,请检查 !

EN: you can get it you deserve it, flawless diamonds, Louie purses,
ZH: 你可以得到你应该得到它,完美无瑕的钻石,路易钱包

EN: my mission’s to purchase Earth for her
ZH: 我的使命是要为她购买地球

EN: present the gifts without the curse
ZH: 礼物没有诅咒

EN: her pleasure is my purpose
ZH: 她的快乐是我的目的

EN: pleasure to be at your service
ZH: 荣幸能在您的服务

EN: front row at fashion shows as well as Sunday morning service
ZH: 前排在时尚显示以及周日早上服务

EN: but better days or for worse
ZH: 但更好的日子或更糟

EN: if I’m paid I’m hurting in my pocket
ZH: 如果我收了钱,我伤害我口袋里

EN: she still got a n-gga back thats for sure
ZH: 她还有 n-gga 回来那是肯定的

EN: no matter what may occur in life
ZH: 无论在生活中可能出现的情况

EN: everyday with her is like a plus
ZH: 每天都跟她就像一个加号

EN: I’mma love her til she be like thats enough
ZH: 我来爱她直到她会那样是足够

EN: pop a bottle get a couple wine glasses fill em up and lift em up
ZH: 流行一瓶得到几个酒杯填充举起手来和电梯举起手来

EN: let us toast to the future here’s to us
ZH: 让我们举杯向对我们的未来都

EN: no, here’s to her
ZH: 不行,这是对她

EN: [Keri Hilson - Bridge]
ZH: [凯莉-桥]

EN: THey wonder how we do what we do
ZH: 他们不知道我们怎么我们做些什么

EN: Panamera Porsches me and you
ZH: Panamera 保时捷我和你

EN: stuck to your side like like like glue
ZH: 到你的身边像喜欢像胶水一样被困

EN: be by your side whatever your gonna do
ZH: 在你身边你会怎么做

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: [T.I. Verse 2]
ZH: [T.I.2 节]

EN: This is for the women who man caught a sentence
ZH: 这是因为男人的女人抓到一个句子

EN: who gon be there for a minute but they didn’t keep their distance
ZH: 谁尼泊尔政府将有一分钟,但他们不会留下他们的距离

EN: they stayed home waiting on the phone
ZH: 他们呆在家里等着电话

EN: and on visit day show up looking good smelling better, playing kissy face
ZH: 访问天起来看起来很好嗅到的更好的节目,玩基西的脸

EN: just wanna let you know we appreciate
ZH: 只是想让你知道我们很感激

EN: everything you do for us on a day to day
ZH: 你的一天一天为我们做的一切

EN: and I know we don’t show you all the time but we lucky that you ours
ZH: 我知道我们不向您展示所有的时间,但我们的幸运,你我们

EN: no bouquet of flowers could ever show how much we know we need you
ZH: 给无束鲜花可以看过多少我们知道我们需要你

EN: we do all thats in our power just to please you
ZH: 我们尽我们的力量只是为了取悦你

EN: see boo, f-ck them girls I would leave the World ‘fore I leave you
ZH: 请参阅嘘,她们将会离开这个世界的 f-ck ' 船头我离开你

EN: may God say even now (?)
ZH: 上帝可能即使现在说 (?)

EN: [Bridge]
ZH: [桥]

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: [T.I. Verse 3]
ZH: [第 3 节 T.I.]

EN: Sure enough
ZH: 确保有足够

EN: even though them chicks be hating on us
ZH: 即使他们小鸡会恨我们

EN: still I’m gonna keep her by my side
ZH: 还是让她在我的身边

EN: In whatever situation we gon ride
ZH: 在任何情况下我们尼泊尔政府骑

EN: make all my fantasie’s come alive
ZH: 使所有我幻想曲的活过来

EN: thats no lie now
ZH: 那现在是没有谎言

EN: I’ll be(?) as long as your gon be beside me
ZH: 我会 be(?),只要你尼泊尔政府将在我的身边

EN: 10 million dollar mansions won’t suffice
ZH: 1000 万港元的豪宅不足够

EN: if you aint gon be in there with me at night
ZH: 如果你不会有我在晚上

EN: the pieces to my puzzle’s in my life
ZH: 向我的困惑我的生活片断

EN: with all of my good days and all of my bad
ZH: 所有的好日子和所有我坏

EN: you stood by your man and you know you got my back
ZH: 你站在你的男人,你知道我回来

EN: worth every car every bag with me they wanna be that
ZH: 值得每辆车每包带他们想要的

EN: I know what I got at home
ZH: 我知道怎么在家里

EN: I aint never gon leave that
ZH: 我不是永远不会尼泊尔政府离开,

EN: them b-tches best believe that
ZH: 他们 b tches 最好相信

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: [End]
ZH: [完]