System Syn - Under The Ice lyrics

Exhaust burns through o-zone
Just in time for acid rain
To pour down on the oil slick
To trick the vein
To think it leaks
To spend the check of past two weeks
To buy the shit that we die for
Hit the road and burn the sky for

And I see
But can you
What this world's becoming
The shape of the future under this ice
Is melting

I broke my neck so I'd have to crawl
I wear a noose to break my fall
I stretch my neck to be so broken
I break my back on words misspoken
And still it seems it's time to cover our eyes
It's time to drown all the children
It's time to close our eyes to our conscience
It's time to burn out all the people
Under the ice

Yes I see
Why can't you
We're melting
Under the ice
We're melting