System Syn - Slowly lyrics

Something so innocent
So sweet
Something I will never be
Not anymore
Because once I opened my eyes
I still refuse to ignore what I see
I can not remain so sheltered
In a world of me
You talk about the now
And what is around you
But you only see your now
The world is bigger than your back yard
And when we die, we rot

Don't forget that
Don't ask me why
Our conversations have developed voids
That's just the way things happen
And I will not refuse to evolve
When we look up at the same stars
And you wish upon the one that's falling
Just remember, the world is falling with it
And I don't believe in wishes

When life is a waste of time
It's time to quit
When you walk on all fours just to make me smile
It's time to shoot me
When I balance on a wire
Made of ice but lit with fire
I know that I must fall
For not everything is possible
And not all dreams come true
I know if I could stop smiling
Maybe you could see that too