System Syn - For You lyrics

Cut the noise
This is what we've got to do
You kill for me
I swear to god I'll kill for you

I'm sorry I won't help you do this
You weren't around to see me through this
I broke my heart, tripped on myself
You put my mind back on the shelf
Pushed it behind all the books
Then lied to me with subtle looks
Now I am god, just feel my violence
I dig this hole buried in silence
The light's extreme inside the black
I needed you, you turned your back
And all at once this all was real
You never will know how I feel
So hold it in, I hope it burns
You need my help
But it's your turn
So sorry now that I was sad
The season's changed and I've gone mad

I am God
Can I fuck you
Once I fuck you I won't want you
Once I want you I can't have you
Once I wanted to be god

In the midst of everything
I've learned what was and was not real
In the midst of sanity
I've learned I force myself to feel
Well can you feel this?
Can you breathe me?
Can you make me want to die in the moment?
Can you make me bleed outside and in?
Can you make me want you to be God?