Symphony Switchblade - Nightshift lyrics

Only at night I might see you,
in darkness I feel you.
a bride by my side,
I'm inside many bridess.
Sometimes I wonder...

What goes onyour mind,
alwasy silent and kind,
unlike the others.

Other mother's kill the others,
but the other's kill their mothers.
I'm going out of my mind cause,
I'm out of my mind with you.
In heaven and hell with you,
I'm out of my mind...

Night shift, sisters,
await their nightly visitors,
No they dont bother me,
no the dont bother me.

Come on inside and submit to my feet,
with a neat disection.
Looking so sweet to me,
please come to me.
Accomplish my call of
hissing, not kissing.

A happy go lucky child,
always dressed in black.
He'll come to you X3
He'll come...