Symetrik - Reaper lyrics

(Encrypted Verbalist's lyrics not known)

It moves like a serpent and it's locked on to ya scent,
And it speaks like a sermon, it's ya last chance to repent
Cuz it doesn't know regret, and there's nothing to compare
To when you wake up from slumber and you're underneath its stare,
And it couldn't even care that you have a couple kids,
It's only job now, is to cease you to exist,
And it's pointless to resist, cuz once your fate is set,
You can feel it in your heart, you can feel it in your breath
And you're feeling less and less like a person, like a man,
And soon you'll come to grips, and soon you'll understand
That no one has a plan, they just live a life without,
Until they meet the reaper and they learn what life's about.