Sylvie Lewis - Cheap Ain't Free lyrics

Mary, you are so pretty
All the boys just want to have you
Mary, it's such a pity
That you haven't got a clue
If it's what you want, you could have any of them
But you don't really care
So lift up your skirt and let down your hair

Mary, what would you give for
A face like that and a waist so slight?
Mary, we only live for
Every Friday and Saturday night
Does your mother know you borrow all of her clothes
They sure look good on you
You really have begun to fill her shoes, mary

Teachers cry and tell us we're going straight to hell
Mary, you and me
We laugh and wonder what it is they mean
We treat a broken heart, parking ticket style
Once you've got one, you can't got another for a little while

One day we're both going to see
Cheap ain't free
We stumble and wonder why things don't add up
We keep adding those numbers, oh why won't they see
We just want to be loved
We just want to be loved

We just want to be loved
Cheap ain't free