Sylver - Turn The Tide lyrics (Chinese translation). | You have the bravest heart
, The strongest emotions
, After all the harm I've caused
, You still...
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Sylver - Turn The Tide (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: You have the bravest heart
ZH: 你有最勇敢的心

EN: The strongest emotions
ZH: 最强烈的情感

EN: After all the harm I've caused
ZH: 在所有的伤害后我已经造成

EN: You still want my lovin'
ZH: 你还想要我的爱

EN: I think I've lost your love
ZH: 我觉得我失去了你的爱

EN: Oh baby, it's a shame
ZH: 哦宝贝,它是一种耻辱

EN: But how can I be mad at you
ZH: 但怎么能生你的气

EN: When I'm the one to blame
ZH: 当我被责怪

EN: Chorus
ZH: 合唱

EN: I can't believe
ZH: 我不敢相信

EN: I still receive
ZH: 我仍然收到

EN: So much affection from your side
ZH: 从你的身边的感情这么深

EN: If you could give me one more chance
ZH: 如果你能给我一次机会

EN: I'd love to turn the tide
ZH: 我很想力挽狂澜