Sylver - In Your Eyes lyrics (Chinese translation). | I can still remember, long ago
, Living in the fast lane, never slow
, And nothing that could come...
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Sylver - In Your Eyes (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: I can still remember, long ago
ZH: 我还记得,很久以前

EN: Living in the fast lane, never slow
ZH: 在快速车道,从来没有慢生活

EN: And nothing that could come between me and you
ZH: 和什么都不能来我和你之间

EN: I still hear the words I thought were cheap
ZH: 我仍然听到的的话我还以为很便宜

EN: You should always look before you leap
ZH: 你应该总是三思而后

EN: And I never realised those words were oh so true
ZH: 我从来没有意识到那些言词哦如此真实

EN: I hope that you can hear me
ZH: 我希望你能听到我

EN: Though you're living in another world
ZH: 虽然你生活在另一个世界

EN: Throwing shadows upon earth
ZH: 扔在地上的阴影

EN: In your eyes, I could drown and still survive
ZH: 在你眼中我能淹死和仍然生存

EN: In your eyes, I could see how to live my life
ZH: 在你的眼睛,看如何过我的生活

EN: But if only I knew
ZH: 但只是不知道

EN: That chances were few
ZH: 机会很少

EN: Maybe I would still be with you
ZH: 也许我还会跟你

EN: Several thoughts I can't define
ZH: 我不能定义的几点思考

EN: Living on a dream, seems like a crime
ZH: 生活的梦想,似乎是一种犯罪

EN: But every now and then it's hard to ignore
ZH: 但是,然后很难忽略

EN: 'Cause only in my dreams I find a clue
ZH: 因为只在我梦里我找到一个线索

EN: when I try to build a memory of you
ZH: 当我试着建立你的记忆

EN: I know our love will be much stronger than before
ZH: 我知道我们的爱将会比以前更强大