Sy Ari Da Kid - Somethin For The People (2016)

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Sy Ari Da Kid - Somethin For The People lyrics

[Verse 1]
You know you not the one these women checking for
You know exactly who the cheque is for
Last time I seen this many squares
I was standing at a checker board
You in the game but you don't ever score
Soon as we enter, Steve take me to the exit door
I was made to be here
How you think I just got paid to be here?
Oh yeah, this year I made adjustments
I made adjustments on niggas I can’t come up with
I made adjustments on niggas that can’t be trusted
I made adjustments on women I can’t discuss this, damn
Thirst telling me to expose them, but Diana said don’t get them that exposure
I tell 'em miss me with all of that player say shit
Let's take risks, I'm back on my David Blaine shit
Fucking all y'all bitches, my day to day shit
Hoping she turn on my music, she playing Drake shit
But I ain't tripping, my niggas still got a camcorder
I swear my song popped up on this pandora
2 bitches, got me playing monkey in the middle
I guess that's what song rights'll get you
Bigger money come with bigger issues
Yeah, a nigga saying I should get a pistol
I'm looking at 'em riding shotgun
Like, what makes you think I ain't got one?
They said I had hoop dreams, say it wasn't my calling
Funny how I ain't make it probe but I'm still balling
Funny she say she cut me off but yet she still calling
They so busy getting high, don't know they still falling
Yeah, they try to say I need media training
My father just told me mean what you saying
And look somebody in the eyes when you speaking
If you ask me, that's all the training that I need
Fuck a L, them W's what I see
Oh, let a nigga keep it G
Yo, everything has a fee
So just cause I ain't pay for it, doesn't mean it's free
You showing people shit you need to show yourself
Like how you know me when you barely know yourself?

This is something for the people
Something for the people

[Verse 2]
Here I come with another level
These rappers dressing like Russell Westbrook
You niggas too fucking textbook
Even Quentin Miller asking when's the next hook
Look, industry be so over patient
I'd rather be guilty by association
I told Red leave work, go start your own shit
Them niggas paying you crumbs, you on some broke shit
You know something wrong when you at the crib and you homesick
Create it, push it, made 20 bands and we both split
But it's like cheese when you focus
That's only a lot of money when you hopeless
Never trust someone that says don't tell 'em I told you
I'd rather tell 'em you told me right in front of who knows you
They always wanting 100%, that's something
But tell me, what's 100% of nothing?
Wine's at me at Danny's, gambling what we do
They say the price of my winnings won't buy a bowl of soup
You can't lose what you don't put down
But you can't win much tryna keep this shit tucked
So what's up? I love a hard working woman and broke bitches, I hate 'em
A lot of niggas feel this way but just don't wanna say it
I'm proud of my sister Amber, she one of my favourites
I bought that shirt in advance, before she even made 'em
Yeah, got us a porch, you wanna be supportive
And if I tell you I believe, better believe I'm all in
Yeah, better believe I'm all in
RIP Prince, RIP Ali

This is something for the people
Something for the people