Sworn Vengeance - Merciless lyrics

Bled before my eyes. Death should not occur so quickly. Never said goodbye. Cut down in the midst of living. Promise; full of hope. Torn from those who gave you courage. Why were you the one when others deserve a crueler fate? Innocence dies young. All those left are forced to struggle. Sorrow fills my heart. Life becomes an empty waste. Pain. Rage. Hate. Decay. Nothing's left. All is dead. Sacrificed for what end? No justice, no revenge. Death before life. Merciless. Once proud, now you've fallen. Cut down by our sins. We choke on the poisons of humanity. This life drags me down. Damn this world. Life isn't sacred. My youth ripped away. Promises remain empty. Hopeless. Left alone. Everything good in life destroyed; worth fighting for all slaughtered. Let society kill off itself. I don't fucking care. Pain. Rage. Hate. Decay