Sworn Vengeance - Bloodstorm lyrics

Vengeance rips through my body like a bullet from a gun. My black heart is a motor of death. My hate is the fuel to feed my bloodlust for you. My feelings of happiness and remorse long been gone. Now killing time has arrived, and to go with great stride I search for an outlet and find the only thing. Murder. My heart is stone. My morals deserted years ago. My hatred has turned my soul to black. I feel my humanity slowly decay. I see your eyes open wide as you breathe your last breath. My means of satisfaction: your agony is my joy. Corrupted innocence has bred the killer in me. My bloodstorm is never through. You were born for the grave. All I see is red. All I feel is pain. All I am is dead inside. Now the tide has turned. Your torment is my release. Destroy the memories as I witness your suffering. I deny you your existence. My bloodstorm is never through. Now you'll fucking die. Bleed the pain away; the torture that you've created. My bloodstorm is never through