Sworn Vengeance - Blatant Disregard lyrics

As the last winds scatter the ashes of the remnants of human remains, the blood filled stains the Earth. God has been destroyed and now we reign supreme. Can you feel death inside? For now life is shallow. The sons of Abbadon rise again. We are the gods of the last days of man. Disciples of vengeance with no regard for innocence. This is the reality that you create. Toy with the thoughts of suicide. You will be my sacrifice. Your prayers now fly on demons' wings as I fuck an angel's corpse. A masked illusion. Sewn of flesh from those I've slaughtered. I wear my deception as I enter your soul. Look deep inside and see no compassion in these eyes. Tell the tale of despair as you shiver inside. Your spirit shall wither and die. Recognize my image. We are what's inside of you. The blackest corners of your soul you hide. Eternal hatred keeps me alive. Cower in fear as I tear your soul apart. We don't poison humanity. Humanity poisons itself. Witness our resurrection and welcome to oblivion. I watch as the flames of Hell destroy your perfect world