Swollen Members - Breath (feat. Nelly Furtado)

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Swollen Members - Breath (feat. Nelly Furtado) lyrics

[Nelly Furtado]
i'm alive,
i can feel the blood
rushing through my veins
and that's all i need to know,
cuz i'm not looking for a change.
cuz i got friends and enemies,
but it just dont bother me,
cuz as long as i believe,
i can breath!

metamorphis, battleaxe fortress,
four-hundred horsepower
full moon the sorceress
swollen members an my girl, NF
the predators an the terminator
the tribes cold breath
why we hurt em' later
we can do so much damage now,
they'll truck em
when i hit em
so much garbage around
yells, bells, and whistles
like carnival sounds.
phenominal adrenaline
from the words of my mouth.

[Mad Child]
how did shayne manage
to rap?
with brain damage im phat
remain famished and stacked
your playin with the
praying mantis,
infact you gigantic,
you sink like titanic
panic attack act up
an im a ?
crash into disaster
smash like master-plaster,
rangle-monster wants
to stomp ya
crushin cuz im ?
crushin ?
will tomorrow be the same
blood rushin thru my veins?


[Nelly Furtado]
well, this is before I knew how to, that we are of this point to do, what i did of
was so safe to do,whether it be easy enough to do

im sharin a mouth
im like a crispy creme
prevayer belt.
with the sync notes
swollen like your lymphnods,
we went from instro to intro to
messin up your mental state,
we makin ends glow
pacific center ?
me an my kinfolk atttention
nobody can do i