Swizz Beatz - King Tut (feat. Rakim) (2010)

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Swizz Beatz - King Tut (feat. Rakim) lyrics

Man you know I got beats
You know I got soul
A microphone theme
I’m from the ghetto

Follow the leaders … men got poor
Since 98 shit I’ve been paying for
Started with a double loss .. the double loss
..for president thinking of a master plan
And everywhere I get them I let the rhythm hit them
I ain’t no joke boy you all niggers kill
All my number ones been great long runs
I don’t fear nobody competition is none
That I’ve been known for the lyrics of fear
I’ve been known for the .. and cheery
The diamonds in my watch worth more than ..
No judge no jury
Can’ say
Threat the rap game
Like the crack game
Cause that’s a rule
Nowadays move house like .. movement
Being nice on a mike says …
Me and my team hit the scene
Something popping
Show me love in a club in a ..
Since young I’ve been blinked with diamonds

Black paparazzi stay under the radar
Still caught me when I come to pay you
…said It’s show time

I said one two
I said didn’t you get the message
Hip hop is back
We don’t know how to act
Tell the DJ to bring us back

DJ bring us back