Swingin' Utters - No Place In The Sun lyrics

she came over, but i was spent no money involved 'cause it came and went i'm so tired, she thinks that's bent it fills up my pockets and it pays my rent i won't hold my breath for that time to come i exhale an exasperating sum she said "you're washed up", i'm not close to being done there's plenty of room in the shadows, but not in the sun no place in the sun, my sun
i'm not even close to being done that guy there, he's a big boy's hobnob he's got no integrity, he's a lazy slob compared to me he's quite famous, but i've got a job loose lips take sips from the goblety gob there's no time for me, but you just wait and see if i'm counting on me, i'll need to calculate noe she's tired of standing there, hey that's takes the cake 'cause the sun comes over, and she's always in the way (Bonnel/Koski)