Swedish Fish - Your Hair Can't Hide Your Horns lyrics

It was that night that this feeling came about, like all else had failed, then i saw you there. I wanted to know where your boy was and you didnt know, if i was him, i would be by your side the entire time. but me and him are nothing alike. he thought he could have you anytime that he wanted and i thought that he could too. it seemed to me that you werent interested in him in anymore, so i asked you if i could have a kiss for this night's sake, and you said "no." i dont know what i was thinking at that very moment, i should have know so much better. even so, you didnt have to take such a short time to answer and you could have given me a reason....and from that point on, i called you names for the rest of the night, and that made me realise how pretty you looked. and your blonde hair got me-a-thinking if i had one choice right now of how i wanted to die....ive thought long about this, id choose to choke on a large amount of your hair, it lodged down my throat as if it was a solid object cutting off my air supply. i hope that you get your hair back not messed up, and i want a lock of it in the casket with me when i die.