Swans - Amnesia lyrics

The sun is an acid eye
We're corroded with pleasure inside
There's a hole in your thin white skin
Now we'll never be clean again

Our hands are two broken claws
We scrape at the ground for hours
I buried this sound in the floor
To gain control of this feeling

And this city's a crowded room
And the earth is a closing tomb
In my hand is your perfect womb
When you breathe, your breath is obscene

My heart is a lead box
Ideas are shutting locks
The air was just turned off
Now you're sucking from this machine

The sun will not rise today
You children will stay where you lay
The oil is black and it's thick
And sex is a void filled with plastic

The President's mouth is a whore
When there's murder, the audience roars
There's no room left here for the strong
And everything human's necessarily wrong