Swan Christy - Meaning Of Life lyrics

Living all these years
Happiness and tears
Still are a lot to come
Until we lose the sun
Meaning of this life
Is to live and die
Hope will carry on
As long as we live on
Making new friends
Hear you and hear them
Learning about life
I say it's not a lie
Pay another toll
Reach another goal
Meaning of life
Fight for your right
Believe in your might
Meaning of life
SONG: Fargo
Watch at the sky the sun sets
And we both want to cry
For the same reasons
You know I have to go now
It's the last time you see me
I will go to hell
I don't think I'll return
For the reasons you know
And for my country I will go to war
I hope you pray for me
So my soul will be free
Time goes by so quickly
I don't want to leave you here
Alone and cold