Swallowing Pride - Your Heaven, My Hell lyrics

I've pushed further than I should,
I never think anymore,
Maybe I could...
I've seen the same sunrise on my own too many times,
I've seen the sunset many more times than that,
Why do I mix my mind into mindless lyrics?
My words mixed to nonsense rhyme,
I show my feelings this way,
I hope maybe someone, someway,
Would understand what it means to me,
See between the lines,
See what I see,
See my lines,
The emotional outlet,
I know she thought about it,
The way I form the words I say,
I might mean them in a different way,
When I say there is tears and pain,
Do you think it's me?
Having to live through it again,
Or maybe I'm just writing in spare time,
Filling a little more of my mind,
This all done straight from my head,
Every single word I've said,
When you look into my eyes,
Do you see the missing pieces?
When I say I'm losing my mind,
Do you think I am?
Or do you think I'm fine?
Look in my eyes,
What do you see?
Is it a reflection of you?
Or are they the feelings hidden inside me?