Swallowing Pride - Why Do They Make Ex Girlfriends? lyrics

Breaking up has never been so hard to do,
You suck,
All because of you,
I don't need this,
I don't need this,

Why do they make you everything I want,
But I hate you so?
Damn girl you look so hot,
But I gotta go...

What's it all about,
His flashy car,
Or his urge to get his money out?
Well you suck,
I don't need you anyway,
So just get out of my way,

Why are you everything a guy wants,
Yet you make absolutly no sense,
One day we're walking arm in arm,
Now you drive past in his car,

Why are you everything I want,
When all I want is to let go,
Why do you break my heart,
When you used to make my day,
Why do they make exgirlfriends anyway?