Swallowing Pride - Forced Smile lyrics

You never called before the sun went down,
It's so hard to lie,
To keep saying I want you around,
You think I never knew,
But I know all those things that you do,

You made me happy for just a while,
Through your lying and denying,
You kept on smiling,
While that divorce was filing,
You made me happy,
You made me cry,
I hope I've left your heart all broken up now,
Left in a pile,
You thought I never knew,
But all along this was a forced smile...

I never guessed you meant so much,
But it was always a scratch and never a touch,
If I had an ounce of doubt,
I'd hold the sucker in,
It'll never be let out,

I guess it over,
But I guess I'll find another,
All the those things that I've done,
In the end you've been better than some,
All the bull you used to say,
Made me stay again for another day,