Suzi Quatro - Rock Hard

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Suzi Quatro - Rock Hard lyrics

She spent the whole of last summer
Lookin' out for a six foot two.
She gave them all a good chance

She was cool so she told 'em what to do.
What she needs is a real special guy
And if you knew her you would never wonder why.
When you see her now you'll see her with a six foot two.

She never takes a chance

She doesn't need romance.
Her love is - rock hard -
She never takes a chance.
She never dates to dance

Her love is - rock hard -

She goes to parties
With a boyfriend hangin' on her arm

No-one give her any lip

No-one does her any harm

All the other girls hangin' in the hall.
She got the boys all wishin' they could call

She starts makin' out and someone's ringin# on the fire alarm.

She never takes a chance...