Suzanne Clachair - Shelter lyrics

I'm drowning in the sunshine
As it pours down from the skies
There's something stirring in my
Bright colours fill my eyes
As from here to the far horizon
Your beauty does unfold
And oh you look so lovely
Dressed in green and gold

And I can almost touch the ocean
Shimmering in the distant haze
As I stand here on this mountain
On this loveliest day of days
In the wind I hear a whisper-
It's calling out my name
And wherever I may wander
I'll come home to you again

To the homeless and the hungry
May you always open doors
May the restless and the weary
Find safe harbour on your shores
May you always be my dreamtime

Our spirits' glad release
May you always be our shelter
May we always live in peace

Repeat first verse