Sutter's Mill - Dan Fogelberg lyrics (Chinese translation). | In the spring of forty-seven, 
, So the story, it is told, 
, Old john sutter went to the mill site...
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Sutter's Mill - Dan Fogelberg (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: In the spring of forty-seven,
ZH: 在春季的四十七个,

EN: So the story, it is told,
ZH: 所以,它是故事,

EN: Old john sutter went to the mill site
ZH: 老约翰萨特去磨房网站

EN: Found a piece of shining gold.
ZH: 发现了一块闪闪发亮的金子。

EN: Well, he took it to the city
ZH: 很好,他就给了城市

EN: Where the word, like wildfire, spread.
ZH: 这个词,像野火般蔓延、 传染的地方。

EN: And old john sutter soon came to wish he'd
ZH: 和老约翰萨特很快就来了,希望他能有

EN: Left that stone in the river bed.
ZH: 左边那块石头在河床上。

EN: For they came like herds of locusts
ZH: 他们来了如蝗

EN: Every woman, child and man
ZH: 每一个妇女、 儿童和男人

EN: In their lumbering conestogas
ZH: 在他们的后腿辆马车

EN: They left their tracks upon the land.
ZH: 他们在土地留下他们的踪迹。

EN: (chorus)
ZH: (合唱)

EN: Some would fail and some would prosper
ZH: 有些会失败和一些会蓬勃发展

EN: Some would die and some would kill
ZH: 有些会死和一些会杀了

EN: Some would thank the lord for their deliverance
ZH: 有人将感激上帝解脱了他们的

EN: And some would curse john sutter's mill.
ZH: 一些会诅咒约翰萨特的磨坊。

EN: Well, they came from new york city,
ZH: 嗯,他们来自纽约城,

EN: And they came from alabam'
ZH: 他们从阿拉巴马来 '

EN: With their dreams of finding fortunes
ZH: 用他们的发财梦

EN: In this wild unsettled land.
ZH: 在这个野蛮的荒凉的土地。

EN: Well, some fell prey to hostile arrows
ZH: 好一些的牺牲品敌对箭头

EN: As they tried to cross the plains.
ZH: 当他们试图越过平原。

EN: And some were lost in the rocky mountains
ZH: 一些人失踪在洛基山脉

EN: With their hands froze to the reins.
ZH: 他们用手冻结了缰绳。

EN: Oh...
ZH: 哦......

EN: (chorus)
ZH: (合唱)

EN: Well, some pushed on to california
ZH: 很好,一些推到加州

EN: And others stopped to take their rest.
ZH: 人停止了他们休息。

EN: And by the spring of eighteen-sixty
ZH: 十八第六十一的春天

EN: They had opened up the west.
ZH: 他们开辟了西方。

EN: And then the railroad came behind them
ZH: 铁路然后在他们后面来了

EN: And the land was plowed and tamed,
ZH: 土地是犁和驯服,

EN: When old john sutter went to meet his maker,
ZH: 当老约翰萨特去见他的上帝,

EN: He'd not one penny to his name.
ZH: 他有没有一分钱到他的名字。

EN: Oh...
ZH: 哦......

EN: (chorus)
ZH: (合唱)

EN: And some would curse john sutter's mill
ZH: 一些会诅咒约翰萨特的磨坊

EN: Some men's thirsts are never filled.
ZH: 有些人的欲望是永远不填充。