Sutherland Brothers & Quiver - Laid Back In Anger lyrics

I. Sutherland-G. Sutherland

Once upon a dream a man stood up for something he believed in
Made the press and TV shows
Now he's somewhere, no one knows
And so it goes.

The sign outside the factory gates said everybody strike for more fun
We can't get more pay, we can't get more say but we're gonna get something done
They look a deputation to the office block, led by the union leader in the shape of a Jock
But the boss just smiled at his socks, laid back in anger.

The schoolbell rang for another day but the class looked the same way
All the lads and lasses were out to play, so none of them could be blamed
For the hole in the wall of the Assembly Hall where the teachers should be standing in line
And through the smoke they couldn't see the joke was laid back in anger.

Lying in the bath in the aftermath, browsing through the Daily Success
The front page news always gives me the blues so I turn back to the Stop Press
And there I read the story all about the glory of the great new age on the way
But in the end I decided to stay laid back in anger.