Surrealism - Solace lyrics

I see my comfort in sadness and disbelief
Between my dreams and my subconscious
Now I can't hold none of this fuckin' grief
All my sadness is inside my conscience

Sadness is dissapointed...

Reveal me from what I really am
Open your mind! To see mine!

I have to take gumption that I could point to!

This situation that you live in
Is now in prolific days in living

All that is left is a sharp moment of regret
And you pity for me will never be dead
Because your a fuckin' sick lie!
Why won't you just die!

Effect your mind with a simple knowledge
Because sadness is right behind you
This feeling will lead me to a ledge
To prepare, to fall to my own demise

It's nothing to really intend! to prepare, to plan...