Surrealism - Cold Fire lyrics

Styles from my indulgence
I wished I had in reality
But they only exist with my fatality
In a world full of love and hate

Why do I have this desire?
If I can't have it!
In this cold night of fire
And blue flames of heat

I start to unravel my raze
Let it go to my hate so I can despise it
With my love with my cold eyes
My faith starts to die
But I keep up my pride
And the day I was born it
Was also the day I start to die
But it only existed in my fire

Existed in a fullfilled room of cold
And unfullfilled dream of relaxation
And desperation
And this is when I started to exist...

You gave me your tediousness
To get rid off your coldness
Lying right here in me
All in one memory!