Superjoint Ritual - Never To Sit Or Stand Again lyrics

Call to the darkness
The wrath of the desert, skulls piled in
A row, why didn't you see?
Carry me back, drag me by foot
Saving my life, slitting her throat
Salting her wounds, never to sit or stand again, one time

One more mouthful fills it up
Like a pig, you're scared to swallow
Inside, culture (is) sliding
The torture is endless
It's mental as well as physical
Designed to last a lifetime
Within tarot cards that you've been dealt

The wisdom of the usurpers, multiple stab wounds
Crawling out from underground
Falling out, falling down
Dimming lights, hollowed out, bloodless
Mannequin reveals the truth
Even though plastic, all emotion is shown
Drive out the demons of endless time, the ends of time
Never to sit or stand again

Calling to something of ever unending, darker than infernal pitch
Holding us down with rusted cruel nails
A nail though my cock leaves me hanging
Never yielding to the pressure or ever submitting to the wolves

Kicking and fighting, forever to the last, mastered by occult
From the past, die for me
Every second counts, die for me and learn
To live without, die for me, buried where you stand
Die for me

The ritual of the damned, kill yourself
The ultimate wave of battle, lay underground, attack from below
Killing with eyes wide, yesterday was the day
Brutality marks the end of simple times
The American smoke screen
The simplest task forgotten

There's no way to fight when there's nothing to fight for
Bask in your life today, for tomorrow may be the madman's day
Predictions will soon begin to unravel quite quickly
Never to sit or stand again