Superheist - Subhuman lyrics

We live and breathe in a white trash nation, abstract egos, flagrant atttitudes, a carcinoma growing.
Breathing dissension, stroking a new direction, asking for impotent mouths to feed them.
Chewing at the heart of a masochistic suburban idealism bounded to the submission of rhetorical.
Contradictory answers killing the view.
Portraits of personal purity bleeding through the exocism of self righteous behaviour and a fist full of mediocracy.
CHAOS/ cringe at the spilling forethought
WHITE TRASH/ steriotypically
Ooh kissing a coke cause its the real thing.
Cigarettes tailored for token joking.
Sucking a burger fuels futher murder.
Demented trends chained to oppertunity, filling the pockets of those that keep us dow, appetites burning, media wears the crown.
Consumed with passion to live in fashion. I'm bait for the insain, bait for the subhuman.
Cower introspective patterns for the worth of clotted friendships.
Instinct grinds, comatosed state of mind. How are impudent, rash indescretions coaxed into mainstream? re-occuring path defer, sabotuer.
Lie, lie to eachother and to eveyone who'll hear your shit.
Social guidelines let you sleep with mediocracy.
Barely breathing from the stench of emptiness.
Fame a dream i see and hear inadequacies.
Personalities fragment in the mayhem.
In mayhem rights medisymphonies you'll come to pay.
Step back take a look at yourself 3 times a day.
Dead living the everyday.
Vacating life away.
Ignorance shining through trivial point of view, everyday you're growing in number.
Twisting underneath corporate thoughts, smelling your own stale sweat.
Personal security trembles, cannibalise all your reflections, rejections of people in need.