Supercommuter - Natural Immunity lyrics

I don’t really know about you but
Personally I am feeling super
Not a lot of people on the train and
I don’t miss the pushing or complaining
Look it’s raining! I don’t mind it
I don’t pay attention to the climate
Wear a watch but never wind it
It doesn’t matter what the time is
It’s wonderful, terrific, great
Let me explain in a specific way
One day, rolled out of bed, everyone was gone
I didn’t really get it; what was going on?
It was nothing big, it was something small
Itty bitty bug came and killed them all
Somebody like me lived through
Natural immunity Woo-hoo!
I never really had any
Friends or close family
You might see a tragedy
Me? I’m living in a fantasy
Nobody in my business
I’m so happy that I lived to witness this
Just miss one tiny little perk
Home delivery It no longer works

Natural immunity
Happily live solitary
Laugh, celebrate smile daily
Anxiety slowly fading

Yeah I see a bodies but
They don’t bother me, so what?
I don’t gotta be worried
Nowadays, never in a hurry
I don’t have places to be
This change is amazing to me
Seems strange, but I feel free
I’m glad that they never made a vaccine
They needed people like me but
I would tell them that I had a fever
No need for poking on me
I don’t want a neighbor with immunity
Seems like they were always fightin’
That’s why I never really liked them
Alright then, now we’re talking
Walking with no homeless dude stalking
No bums or spare changers
Man I love these dead strangers!
Most did it fast, some did it slow
Ultimatley though all had to go
All these people but me that is
I’m alive that’s all that matters
Plus I’ve never been a picky eater
Everything I need is in the freezer
Woo! There’s one new development
Even me feelin' benevolent
Vermin there’s a lot of rodents
Honestly I've had some pleasant moments
No fear, you can see them sprawlin'
Right here, there’s a dozen crawlin'
So near I can pet them all and
Each year, watch them all evolvin'

Natural immunity
Happily live solitary
Laugh, celebrate smile daily
Anxiety slowly fading
Path to survive I am blazing
Last man alive how amazing