Super Helpful Kwame - Cute Is The Most Condescending Compliment (2013)

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Super Helpful Kwame - Cute Is The Most Condescending Compliment lyrics

[Verse 1]
They say I'm implusive but I'm a kid at heart, I want more when I love it
I'm subjected to an infinite amount of repetitive criticism
From a single women, constructive wisdom
But I knew that before (I) went to war with my visions
Success I feel it, been born the realest
But that shit has it's downsides, (I) constantly feel sick as the illest
Ain't saying I'm the best, just saying when it come to my interest
I got that down pact
Gangsta-hippie shit, yo I been around that
Peep the pics, I live this, if not I wouldn't speak the shit
We the best, me and my niggas that I'm peaking with
I got three eyes, I don't gotta feed lies to felines
The blind broads could see this is feast time
But I rewind to the past so tragic
To analyze my personalities facets
Pressure made me fantastic
I clap back quick, vintage snap back shit
I was raised on Eminem saying, "Slap that bitch"
Then fell for a feminist, and I ain't never felt that
I put my trust in and fell back, rock bottom I felt that
Cold oh so real
Let me call up a bad bitch to give me a so so feel
If I lose it my mind I know I'm gon' deal
I know I bounce back, I rebound, the Rodman of rap
Quite odd and in fact, niggas mad at me
But I'm taking the black, I eat those
Steve Nash at the free throw ego
Far from my peak though ethos
I feel like Hancock but they like he's so hero
On the surface I'm living to be labido
But when you unearth it, I'm down to earth at best
When stressed I'm below it
I'm on my enlightenment shit but I don't like being stoic
I look into my pain I'll know it
Cause it got my flow blooming like a lotus
I smoke so much I don't know what I was doing when I wrote this
So precocious
I'mma treat it like my magnum opus
Tell my main chick get the magnums open
Fucking the world but I'm in love with this girl

[Verse 2]
Verse two curse you and your new found virtue
Oh you can't, it would offend
I better guess again, now I'm living hesitant
Severing connections, I been defensive
The shit that made me freeze will make them put they hands up
Rap game advantage, I been writing two years, I just changed up the stanza's
But I would never dumb down, my old shit still unfound
Went from therapy to fun now
The only thing a nigga running from is the comedown
No longer 21, it's like drinking ain't for fun now
Reconsidering the fame for some monk shit and I'm amongst shit
But I was raised in the Stuy so why lie, I'mma function
So keep making ya' assumptions