Supafriendz - Cadi Man (Club Mix) lyrics

(feat. Jo Doja)

[Chorus: x2]
Lac boy, I want a Cadillac boy
Lac boy, I need a Cadillac boy
Lac boy, he's a Cadillac boy
Lac boy, I want a Cadillac boy

[Verse One]
Doja, its the caddie man cause I'm a caddie fan
Eldorado , fleets or the caddie van
Players down south ride em all down through these streets
Makin em clean, pack em deep and they bounce to the beat
I love seeing em chromed out leather inside
Sunroof tight set then you know ima ride
They dress big cars to fit stars
Luxury like the escalade with northstar and crack bar
Yea it gets me hyped when I talk this caddie talk
No lie I passed out on the caddie lot
Cause I wanted everything there in ever single color
When a car pulls like its gonna be trouble (YES SIR)
Put Doja on the license plate , yea its gonna be mine
Two inch white walls when they clean and shine em
You can talk about a LEX
Like its touching the S-T-S
Man just give it a rest.


[Verse Two]
My pops been schoolin me on the cars this type
He said caddies is the best , Lincoln's they aight
Man they got this DTS with the night vision
So you never have to worry about a deer collision
What other car you know gotta leveling system
To much weight in the back then the lac gonna lift em
Big ones we call hogs
Small ones we call short dogs
Obsessed with em man that's why I made this song
They come in V6 and V8
So if you wanna race, betta hide your shit straight (why)
Cause you gonna lose ,
Between a ac and a lac how you gonna choose
Straight off the show room your cars got ooo
Mines got oooo pimp more broads then dudes
Catch me chillin with my whole crew
I know you want one
And when you get it just ride my nigga
And if they say referred by
Tell em the caddie man sent ya.