SupaSlackas - Slackas Stop Slackin! (2014)

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SupaSlackas - Slackas Stop Slackin! lyrics

[Intro: Dyemond Lewis]
Yo Yo Yo
Dyemond Lewis & Raw
Motherfuckin' Supa Slackas
See niggas tryna front like the Slackas can't rap
So imma come thru kick a verse or two
Just for you

[Verse 1: Dyemond Lewis & Swank Master Raw]
I said it's Dyemond Lewis
And it's Swank Master Raw
I come thru, I stick it up in your girl's jaws
What she gonna do? She gon come back to you
Don't front you already know the Slackas be the two
Loopty-loop rap circles around rappers
They all actors, swaggerjackers fucking faggots
Step to a real MC you get toast
Breakfast in the morning cause I'm right up out your door
One knock, two knock, three knocks
Act like a bitch RIP it's a fact
It's more than boom-bap got goons that pack gats
Brozeville to the push y'all just [?]
I said I kick in the door wavin' the .44
All you heard was Raw don't hit me no more
Cause the Supa Slackas, done ran up in your town
So you better know what's bout to go down
47 news come run up in your section
Apex a bitch and I'm off why you sessin' huh?
Because you got her undressing huh?
But fuck that shit, Imma rip
This microphone send you home with disease
To your dome and I mean what you know bout my team?
Superhero fly up on the motherfuckin' scene
Disappear like, we weren't even here

[Verse 2: Dyemond Lewis & Swank Master Raw]
I said I'm hip to the hip-hop
Bitches gonna liplock this dick when I drizzop
That hot shit, like a fucking meteorizzock
She said baby I like it raw
Baby I like it raw
So I put the condom on
And then it was on

[Verse 3: Dyemond Lewis & Swank Master Raw]
She said she like a nigga that can kick a verse or two
16 bars now I got 32, I got a hearse for you, I never rehearse it boo
I just--Well it's a Pro Era party and the bitches acting naughty
And you know that I'm a rut so I'm about to get it started
Ok, so you know I ain't done, bout to kick it for fun
If you know the words sing along
Yo, check it

Some of them try to swank but they can't swank like this