Sunshine - Keep Your Eyes Open Wide lyrics

Keep your eyes open wide
I walk around, I'am all alone
I will take it back that I asked you to go
Moneymakers everywhere I turn
Pretty violence
Give me back my heart
Don't tell me to chill and take my time
Too busy to have friends anyway
Emotional wreck
What you see is not inside
What you see is not inside

Say emergency, say no home
I am buying light from the sun to glow
Last magic trick has been revealed
Pretty violence
It's all black my heart
Don't panic, so is mine, she said
How easy we can scream "sensation"
Keep you eyes open wide
Keep you eyes open wide

It's entertaining, have a seat
Watch this movie, it's a game
Until it's over, time is not cheap
What's the feeling when the light goes on
Singing the song of the dying swan will go away
I've been used