Sunshine Anderson - Say Something (2011)

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Sunshine Anderson - Say Something lyrics

Baby I’m checking you now for a wile
And I got to admit that I like your style
Ain’t never meet a brother who can easily do the things that you do
It’s got me thinking that we can connect and get better ..
Whenever you wanna come talk to me

Stop your fronting
Come on over and say something to me
You know you want to
I can tell by the way you
You like it juicy
So do I
So stop your fronting
Come on over and say something to me

Not for much longer
Are we gonna play these games
The way I’m looking at you
And you stare at me
Cause the way that we flirt
It’s obvious that we have chemistry
Can’t you see?
Boy what you’re gonna do
Cause I ain’t got all night
You just should come over


You’re gonn play yourself
And let me get out of here
Without giving you my number
Acting like you can break from me boy
Better telling the waiter
I ain’t got all night long
Girls and I are about to roll
Don’t miss your chance