Sunset Shootout - Say (What You Will) lyrics

Baby, please hear me out, everyone's got it wrong (wrong)
I know it's but you have to believe me dear
Girl, I'mma pay you out then I'mma lay you out,
On the bedroom floor
Say what you will (what you will)
You're driving me insane so save me from this place so I can find
A way to call you mine because girl, you've been driving me crazy
So now you think you know even though I told you so
Make up your mind
I know it's hard for you hearing the things you do (make up your mind)
Never tell me that the sun goes when it never does, it's just on the other side of the world
What do you mean it's not a way out but a way in?Girl, trust me I know exactly what you're thinking
They said we'd never make it
Look at us now
Girl go ahead and turn out the lights