Sunset Shootout - Only You lyrics

Only You (Shake, Shake)
I'm flattered but I can't have it
The things that you do to me are making my heart stop
Four letters and I'm an addict
The things that I do to you are making your jaw drop
This girl, that girl, they don't mean a thing to
It's only you (only you're the one I see)
Look out, step back, it's coming from nowhere!Don't you agree that this feels like something new?
Only when you're holding my hand (don't you dare let go)
Shake, shake, I know where you stand alone
Wait, I can be your other...
And when we started off we were nothing more than best friends
But now you got me falling in
Getting rid of him was the easy part,
Now it's you and I
Don't know where to start
I never thought that this would amount to much
Girl, my head spins with almost every touch
When you let him go take my hand girl
Can you feel the beat?
It's not the name, not the game that even matter now
(All I know) Is this girl, that girl they don't mean a thing to me
It's only you (only you're the one I see)